My membership has expired. How can I reinstate it?

This is very easy. Just click on this link. You should see your oustanding invoice. Welcome back to CDA!

More information here, if you need it.

How can I print an invoice I have to pay or have already paid?

Follow these instructions.

How do I pay current invoices?

It is very easy. Just click on this link.

I’m trying to become a CDA member. When I complete the subscription form on the CDA website, I get the message that CDA has already a record with the email address entered. Then, when I try to login and I click on “Forgot your password?” and enter my email address, it says “Email address not found.” 

Please contact us so we can send your personal Account Activation link. 


How do I access the read-only versions of the CDA technical bulletins?

You need to be a CDA member to have access to this feature.

If you are a member, log in to your account and visit this webpage.

I’m trying to purchase a CDA publication but I cannot find the online shop.

Please visit this webpage. The store is available from the red button at the top right of the homepage. Documents are listed by language (we use the prefixes EN, FR and SP in the file names) and document title.

Can I purchase an electronic version of a document for my company's use?

Only Sustaining or Corporate members can request the company name on the CDA publications, through a customized copyright license, at the time of the order. 

If your company doesn't have a Corporate or Sustaining membership with CDA, the copyright license would be in your own name and the document can not be shared.


How do I access recordings of past webinars?

You need to be a CDA member to have access to this feature.

If you are a member, log in to your account and visit this webpage.

Can I pay my membership and register for the Conference at the same time?

Yes, we are able to offer you a bundle where your non-member Confererence registration will include CDA Membership.

Corporate/Sustaining Membership

When I try to login to my Corporate/Sustaining membership account to print off a membership receipt, I end up at my old personal account. Can you tell me how to login to my employer's account again?

Please contact our membership department.

I notice my company name is incorrect on my membership (or, I've changed my employer) – how can I update it ?

Log on to your account and update your employer on the main page of your profile.

The update will be done manually by our membership department and should not take more than 2 business days.

Subscription (Gazette, Bulletin, emails)

I want to receive the Gazette. How do I update my preferences?

If you are a CDA member, please visit your profile. and update your "EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION" in your form.

If you are not a CDA member, please contact us mentioning your preference.

I don't appear to receive the emails sent by CDA. What should I do ?

We are sorry to hear that. You need to make sure that your settings allow you to receive our communication.

Please read the different settings you could update.

I have changed my postal address. How can I update it?

If you are a CDA member, please update your profile.

If you are not a CDA member, please contact us and send us your new adress.