International Business Development (IBD) for Canadian Companies

CDA strengthens the ability of Canadian companies in the dam industry to compete internationally, with the support of the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada's CanExport - Associations program.

The Association undertakes activities to link Canadian companies with potential clients through participation in trade shows and by highlighting the expertise of Canadian companies in presentations. 

The CDA International Business Development Strategy (IBDS) is available below on this page.

Also available are reports from various CDA international business development activities, usually co-funded through the CanExport program.

If you have questions or wish to participate in international business development opportunities, please e-mail our International Business Development team.

CDA International Business Development (IBD) Strategy

International Market Research

International Business Market Research (Africa) Summary

International Business Market Research (Africa) Full Report

Reports from CDA International Activities

2020 Webinar (Peru)

2019 Malaysia Workshops

2019 Canada Mission

2019 India Dam Safety

2019 Malaysia In-bound

2019 Nepal Workshop

2018 Quebec Conference

2018 Brazil Dam World

2018 ICOLD Vienna

2017 Brazil CBDB

2017 Peru workshop