Celebrating Canadian Dams!

To celebrate CDA’s 25th anniversary, we are looking to promote the great Canadian dams that have contributed to the progress of our economy and society.  If you know a dam in your region that you feel would be a good candidate, we would love to know more about that structure. 

submissionsPublic Voting is Now Open!

Review the submitted dams from across Canada and vote for which one you like best.

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Step 1: Be the Best Regional Dam

From May 3rd  to June 20th, CDA members and non-members are invited to submit their “Most Interesting Dam in Canada” with background description and picture.  The judges’ panel will select one dam for each Canadian Region and will choose the one that is ranked the best, using the following criteria: 

Your submission will include a photograph of the dam, and a detailed text containing the name of the dam, its location, a brief description, and an explanation of how this specific dam meets the criteria (250 words max for each criteria). The winners will be announced the last week of June and will win a $100 prize.
Make sure you have the permission of the owner to upload the photograph under the understanding it may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes (perpetual, world-wide, royalty- and cost-free).

Step 2: Be the Most Liked Dam

From July 13th to Sept 18th, every week, each regional winner will be posted on social media (LinkedIn/Twitter) for public to vote on the CDA contest webpage. The contest will be open until October 17th. One vote per individual is allowed. The winner will be announced at the 2022 CDA St John’s Conference and will win a $500 prize.

Step 3: Be recognized by the industry at the St John’s Conference

All regional Winners will be recognized during the October 18th event at the 2022 CDA Conference and the Dam that received the most Likes will be announced.