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Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams

The publication Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams (2011) outlines 

As part of the same 80-page document, the following technical bulletins are included: 

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Preface to Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams

"The Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines were revised and published in 2007, to address the various hazards which can lead to failure of a dam and to present methods for management of those risks. However, in Canada, more people have died in accidents around dam sites that are not associated with structural failure of dams. This is a matter of considerable concern to dam owners, who are seeking guidance on how they can meet their responsibilities to protect public safety.

These Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams do not consider the risks to the public from failure of a dam, or situations related to passage of floods. (See the Dam Safety Guidelines for information on those risks.) Rather, these guidelines address the risks of accidents or incidents in which a member of the public encounters a hazard created by the presence or operation of a dam. These Guidelines do not address the risks associated with operations other than the actual functioning of the dam; in a hydroelectric facility, there would be, for example, electrical risks, which are not covered in these Guidelines.

It is worth noting that large or high dams command a respect from members of the public that may be greater than for low structures. However, the fact remains that low head and small diversion dams can be equally or more hazardous, because many of the hazards associated with these structures are not readily apparent. These guidelines attempt to point out those hazards, and suggest ways that the dam owner can reduce risks to the public."

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Main entry under title: Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams, 2011
Issued also in French under title: Recommandations pour la sécurité du public près des barrages.
ISBN 978-0-9680811-8-1

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