May 7, 2020 - Updates for Members

CDA looking for coordinator for Regulation committee

CDA looking for coordinator for Regulation committee

The Canadian Dam Association (CDA) is seeking a person to provide organizational and administrative support to its Regulation of Dams Committee.

This is a part-time, paid contract position working with the chair of the Regulation of Dams Committee to help it fulfill its mandate.

The Coordinator will assist the chair in maintaining an active committee of representatives from across the country involved in the public policy and regulation aspects of dams in Canada. The committee:

This is a flexible position that will be of interest to:

The committee's Terms of Reference can be downloaded here.

Position Description:

The Coordinator reports to the Committee Chair for day-to-day and work details, and to the Executive Director for administrative matters including pre-approval of hours of work and expenses.

Committee Support 
a) Assist Chair to set up regular meetings.
* Prepare and distribute agenda before each meeting
* Prepare and distribute notes and actions after each meeting (issue a draft within one week for review by the Chair before distribution).
b) Assist Chair to develop short-term, annual and multi-year work plans
c) Maintain an up-to-date contact list for all Committee and make this available to the CDA office and the CDA website.
d) Manage records for the Committee’s internal use using CDA systems (e.g. SharePoint, DropBox). Arrange for access rights to the CDA systems.
e) Provide content to the CDA office for updating webpages with information and news as needed.
f) Assist Chair in providing content to the Editor of the CDA Bulletin magazine as identified in work plans.
g) Assist Chair to prepare reports to Board and submission to the Annual Report.
h) Assist in carrying out other tasks to meet the Terms of Reference for the Committee, as agreed with Chair and approved in budget and plan. 
i) Interact with other Coordinators to ensure communication among CDA committees.

In general, the Coordinator will carry out tasks and responsibilities with minimal supervision and no administrative support; certain projects or activities may have support available.


The Coordinator will be expected to be flexible in the number of hours in which he/she can devote to this role. The total number of hours per year is estimated at 80 to 100. The work cycle is heaviest from March to May and August to October; the lighter periods are December-February and June-July.

This position may require occasional domestic travel.

This opportunity is open to both individuals and companies.

Compensation is on an hourly basis at the standard rate for CDA coordinators.

To apply
Please provide a proposal as to how the individual or firm will meet the requirements of the position, and the skills and experience that the applicant brings. 

The proposal must be provided in electronic format, in English. Questions of clarification are welcome and can be arranged via e-mail.

If the successful candidate is an individual, the individual will be an independent contractor and not an employee of the Canadian Dam Association. She or he will be required to provide his/her own workspace and basic office technology (computer, telephone, mobile phone, Internet access). Individual must be based in Canada, though occasional work from outside of Canada will be permitted.

If a firm, the company will be required to identify a key individual who will provide the majority of the services and be the key contact. Company must be based in Canada.

Proposals must be received no later than June 19, 2020, to  We thank all those who apply but advise that only those applicants selected for follow-up will be contacted.