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Communauté d'intérêt hydrotechnique - projet pilote

(October 2016)

CDA has established a CDA Community of Interest (COI) for Hydrotechnical topics, which will provide an internet-based forum for discussion and sharing of information among CDA members. Once this first COI is running smoothly and demonstrating value, we intend to start other Communities for various engineering disciplines.

Some guidelines...

Leads are assigned for each Community of Interest. - Jarrod Malenchak and Doug Sparks lead the Hydrotechnical COI. The Leads are responsible for ensuring that engineering advice is not offered or solicited through the Community of Interest. Any discussion and information shared does not represent the official position or guidance by the CDA, and should not be taken as advice. The Leads will monitor communications and remove any that are inappropriate, including promotion or advertising.

Membership in the Community of Interest is open to all CDA members. They must submit a request by email to the Community Lead (coi-lead.hydrotechnical@cda.ca) or to executive.director@cda.ca. Only those who are registered for the Community of Interest can participate in the chat forum.

Privacy Note: The names and email addresses of members of the Community of Interest will be visible to other members. Currently the mailing addresses are also visible to group members, but we hope to remove this feature.

The objectives of the Communities of Interest include the following:

  1. Promote active participation from CDA members in identifying and communicating topics for discussion throughout the year, including use of internet tools such as chat forum, webinars, and other means
  2. Communicate issues that emerge from Community discussions, for consideration by the relevant Technical Committee
  3. Link young and experienced professionals to provide continuity within the industry
  4. Provide a forum to engage a broader CDA audience in discussion of activities of ICOLD Technical Committees, as well as committees and groups in USSD, ASDSO and other organizations related to dams

We are just getting started in October 2016. Let us know if you would like to join the CDA Hydrotechnical Community of Interest.


Click here to express an interest in signing for the COI Hydrotechnical