August 15, 2022 - Updates for Members
Tag(s): Board Elections

Nominations Deadline Extended!

CDA is accepting nominations for the CDA Board of Directors.
The nominations period has been extended until August 18. 

We are currently in need of qualified nominations for:
•    Vice President (three-year term), 
•    ICOLD Director-at-Large (two-year term), 
•    Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Director (two-year term). 

CDA Board of Directors is responsible for the effective management of CDA. It sets strategy, develops programs for members’ benefit, provides due diligence and oversight to staff, ensures members’ rights are upheld, and has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the CDA’s resources are used appropriately. 

If you have an interest in supporting CDA Vision and Mission, consider putting your name forward to join the CDA Board of Directors. 

The board seats are to be filled by CDA members in good standing, for terms beginning at the 2022 Annual General Meeting this October. 

All directors are expected to attend and participate in regular Board meetings. The meetings are currently held monthly as a virtual meeting and in-person at the annual conference. The schedule may revert to the pre-pandemic plan of two in-person meetings annually and regular virtual meetings in other months. Directors are expected to be supported by their companies for these meetings. 

•    For information on the roles and responsibilities of the Officers (i.e.: the person elected Vice President this year becomes the President in the following year, and the Past President in the year after that) are shown in summary in section 5.16 of the By-Law (also available on the Governance page of the web site). You may also wish to directly contact the current members of the CDA Executive (Terry Oswell, Marie-Hélène Briand, Mike Cyr, and Navin Gautam). 
•    For information on the ICOLD Director-at-Large position, please reach out to the current director, Michel Tremblay
•    For information on the roles and responsibilities of Regional Directors, please see the document of a similar name on the Governance page of the CDA website. For even further information regarding the duties of the Regional Directors, please contact your current provincial/territorial director or the Executive Director, Joy Morassutti.