November 29, 2023

2023-11-29 12:00 PM 2023-11-29 02:00 PM Key Aspects of the Emergency Management Program for Dams and Canals in Alberta N.A. America/New_York

Key Aspects of the Emergency Management Plan for Dams and Canals in Alberta

12:00 - 2:00 pm ET

Join this exclusive webinar on Emergency Management Planning and empower yourself with the essential knowledge needed to navigate dam emergencies effectively. Led by experienced professionals in the field, this engaging session will provide an overview of an emergency planning document, the importance of inundation maps, Alberta's dam safety amnagement program, the City of Calgary's experience and lessons learned from the 2013 flood and their updated emergency planning and lfood management tools. Whether you're an experienced dam safety professional or new to the field, this webinar provides a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge, listen from industry leaders, and gain practical tools for resilient and effective emergency response. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of emergency managmenent excellence - register now and secure your spot in this vital webinar.

This webinar is presented as part of a series organized by Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation (AGI) on the dam safety methodologies and advanced technologies currently being applied in Alberta.

The series is intended for dam owners, engineers, engineering technologists, operators, and regulators who are interested in learning from the experiences of other professionals.

The information presented in this series is not endorsed as CDA guidance.


biopicBabak Alinejad

Babak is a Senior Civil/Hydrotechnical Engineer with over 27 years of experience in construction and engineering of small to large hydroelectric and water resource projects. Babak’s specialty is in civil and hydrotechnical engineering and includes hydroelectric site layout, energy calculations, cost estimates, dam safety, inundation studies, and civil and hydrotechnical design. He leads Tetra Tech CPL’s Dam Safety practise and plays a key role in all of CPL’s hydro and hydrotechnical work.


biopicFrank Frigo, P. Eng.

Frank is currently working as Manager of Climate and Environment Division, is a Water Resources Engineer who has focused his 26-year career on applied hydrology, river hydraulics, river morphology, fluvial and pluvial modelling, water control structures design and construction. Since 2008, Frank has been part of the City of Calgary’s Water Utility, leading hydraulic modeling, flood protection, river flood preparedness planning and response, watershed monitoring, riparian and bank restoration, drainage, water supply and related programs. Frank was Lead Engineer during 2013 flood response from The City of Calgary. 


biopicNarayan Pokhrel, M. Sc., M ASCE, P. Eng.

Narayan is currently working as Project Manager of Flood Emergency Response Application (FERA) development project since 2019 and managing overall dam safety program as Engineer of Record with The City of Calgary. 

Mr. Pokhrel has more than 27-years of experience in flood emergency management and water resources sector from planning through design, construction, performance analysis, operations, maintenance, surveillance, rehabilitation and upgrading of dams, river diversion structures, earthfill flood barriers and other water infrastructure projects. 

Academically, Mr. Pokhrel has a M. Sc. Degree in Hydropower with major courses in planning and design of dams and hydraulic structures from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Bachelor’s degree and Diploma in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


biopicDavid North, CET

Mr. North is a Senior Infrastructure Technologist working for Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation – Water Infrastructure and Operations Branch (WIOB) for the past six years. He is the co-chair of the Branch Dam Safety Emergency Preparedness Committee, which is responsible for the oversight of the Emergency Preparedness program for WIOB dams and canals in Alberta, ranging in consequence from Low to Extreme, and in location from the Cypress Hills to Peace River. Mr. North is also responsible for the application of the emergency management, public safety, and maintenance programs for a portfolio 29 Dams and canals in the southern part of the province of Alberta. Previous to his work with WIOB, Mr. North spent ten years in consulting engineering, mostly working in the irrigation and water resources sectors.


biopicCarlin Soehn, BSc.

Mr. Soehn is an Operations Infrastructure Manager working for Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation – Water Infrastructure and Operations Branch (WIOB) for the past 17 years.  He spent the first five years of his career with the branch as an Operations and Maintenance Technologist, and currently manages two teams responsible for the operations, maintenance, surveillance, and emergency management of various sized dams and water infrastructure projects in Central Alberta, including an Extreme Consequence dam, Dickson Dam. Formerly co-chairing the branch’s Dam Safety Emergency Management Committee, he now co-chairs the branch’s Dam Safety Assessments and Evaluations Committee.


biopicKatherine Stasiuk

Katherine Stasiuk is a senior project professional and geotechnical engineer possessing over 20 years of experience in mining and tailings (oilsands and metals), geotechnical engineering, and dam related projects. She provides project oversight for Dam Safety Reviews and inspections, review and development of dam safety documentation for regulatory compliance, development of technical specifications for dam and earthworks projects, construction supervision for quality assurance, and logistics and field operations. She is a senior project manager in Tetra Tech’s Calgary office.