Technical Tours - Thursday, Oct. 19

Technical Tour #1 - Small Dams near Kelowna


This tour will examine some smaller dams in the Kelowna area.

Rose Valley dam

The Rose Valley dam was constructed circa 1949 and raised in 1978.  The embankment dam stands 23m high and has a failure consequence classification of Extreme.  Ongoing settlement and lateral movement of the dam since first constructed has caused operational issues with the spillway and outlet pipe which both direct flow into a vertical concrete intake tower.

Aeneas Lake dam

Rebuilt in 2013-14, this earthfill embankment dam replaced the previous dam (circa 1900) that suffered from extensive  seepage.  The dam is located on Penticton Indian Band lands.

Okanagan Lake dam

The Okanagan Lake dam, constructed in 1953, is part of the Okanagan Lake Regulation System that includes three other dams, 68 km of diking, 32 km of engineered channel and 17 vertical drop structures.  It consists of a reinforced concrete structure containing five gate bays.  This flood control dam is 5.5 m in height and spans the full river channel width of 37 m.


A light snack will be provided in the morning. The cost of lunch is included in the tour price.

Participants should wear comfortable walking shoes.

Registration Fee for Technical Tour #1: $100.00 (plus GST)

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Tour #2 - Tailings & Irrigation Dams near Kelowna


The scope of this technical tour includes a visit to two tailings dams, one active and one reclaimed, and to a freshwater facility used to store water for irrigation and conservation purposes. The tour will travel from Kelowna to the Highland Valley Copper (HVC) facility located 15 km west of Logan Lake, BC where participants will receive a project overview from HVC Operations staff. This will be followed by an on-site visit to the main LL tailings dam. Participants will learn about the construction and maintenance procedures for this facility. Next, participants will have opportunity to see Trojan Pond Dam, a HVC reclaimed tailings facility where they will learn about the process undertaken to restore this facility.

Departure from HVC will leave time to visit the freshwater dam located at Mamit Lake, just south of Logan Lake. Here participants will learn details about the recent rebuild project and how specifics of this project were driven my multiple environmental, agricultural and licensing interests.

Following the dam tours, if time permits an additional stop at Left Field Cider Company will occur. Cider tasting will be available at the participant's expense.


A light morning snack will be provided. Lunch is included in price.
Optional cider tasting at participant's expense.

Participants should wear comfortable walking shoes.

Registration Fee for Technical Tour #2: $100.00 plus GST

Tour #3 – Large Hydro: Mica Dam and Revelstoke Dam

The Mica and Revelstoke facilities are located on the Columbia River upstream of Revelstoke, BC, about 200 km northeast of Kelowna. With dams that are 800 and 574 ft in height, respectively, and a combined generating capacity of 5,280 MW, these sites are unquestionably “Large Hydro”: Mica, at 243 m, is the 16th tallest dam in the world. The tour will include stops at selected outdoor viewpoints around the facilities, where construction details and the historical performance of the dams and spillways will be discussed.  In addition, guided tours of the powerhouses will be provided at both sites.

The group will depart Kelowna following the conference closing ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 18 and stay in Revelstoke that evening. Both facilities will be toured the following day, and the group will return to Kelowna late that evening (Thursday, Oct. 19). Bus will stop at a Kelowna airport hotel for those wishing to catch early flights on Oct. 20.

Group size will be limited to 20 participants. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including steel toes, hard hats (provided), and safety glasses (provided) will be required at all times. Participants will be required to wear Flame Resistant (FR) outerwear while touring the powerhouses, and are encouraged to bring their own FR outerwear if available.

Registration Fee for Technical Tour #3: $300.00 plus GST

Fee includes:
* hotel (single occupancy) in Revelstoke on Wednesday, Oct. 18, including breakfast on Oct. 19
* bag lunch on Thursday, Oct. 19 (please inform us of any dietary restrictions)

Fee excludes:
* dinner on Oct. 18 (bus will stop at a pre-determined restaurant)

Cancellation Policy

Please note:  The Conference Organizing Committee and CDA reserve the right to cancel any technical tour if the required minimum number of participants is not met.  Registration fees paid for cancelled tours will be refunded.