Webinar Series - October

The Canadian Dam Association is pleased to offer the first technical presentation in its 2020-2021 Webinar Series, Practical advances in the geological characterization and numerical analysis of existing concrete dams on Monday, October 26 at 2 p.m. EDT.  (This presentation will be in English.)

The presentation has been organized by BC and the Territories and is free to attend for members and non-members.

The dam safety evaluation of aging concrete dams can present unique challenges for owners and operators. These dams were often designed and constructed before modern day practices in site characterization, potential failure mode analysis, design methods, software and a recognition of what is acceptable risk to downstream communities and stakeholders. For concrete dams founded on rock, sliding on discontinuities within the foundation rock mass was often a leading cause of historical failures. This is especially the case for older dams, for example, the Austin Dam and St Francis Dams, whose failure was partially attributed to the design neglecting uplift foundation pressures.

This presentation will inform the audience on recent advances in the site characterization and analysis of aging concrete dams founded on rock, and the practical application of new technologies in data acquisition, visualization, geological modelling, and numerical analysis. This will be focused particularly on dam safety compliance or refurbishment projects. Theoretical models and case studies from recent projects across Canada will be presented. 

What attendees will learn

  • Basic concepts for concrete dam foundations
  • Potential failure modes
  • Site characterization of aging dam founded on rock
  • Data acquisition, visualization and numerical modelling of discontinuities
  • Evaluation of concrete-rock interfaces
    Numerical modeling of the performance of concrete dams founded on rocks

Presenter: Andrew Bayliss, P.Eng., Principal, Stantec 
Andrew Bayliss has 19 years of international experience in the planning, analysis, design and construction of earthfill dams, rockfill dams and concrete dams; dam rehabilitation; tunnels; spillway analysis; powerhouse design; foundation analysis; dam instrumentation; seismic hazards assessments; dam safety reviews, numerical modelling, construction supervision, project management, mentorship, and senior leadership. He frequently leads or participates in technical reviews, rehabilitation studies, peer reviews and audits for new dam designs and existing structures. 

He has successfully delivered projects for the hydropower, water resource, mining, and infrastructure sectors in the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Peru, Turkey, Australia, DR Congo, UAE, Oman, and Jamaica.

Monday, October 26 at 2 p.m. EDT


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