ICOLD issues three new technical bulletins

The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) has issued three new technical bulletins. These bulletins are available for CDA members via the CDA website, or may be purchased from ICOLD


Bulletin 149

Role of dams on the development and management of river basins

Dams are tools for the management of water resources in rivers basins. Integrated river basin planning and management needs elaborate decision taking processes and stakeholder participation in different stages. Good management for sustainable development is the goal with all of its social, environmental and economic dimensions.


Bulletin 152

Cost savings in specific dams

This bulletin aims to help you to identify and mitigate factors detrimental to cost savings. It also presents technical opportunities for innovation and cost savings in the design of high and low dams built in usual conditions.


Bulletin 156

Integrated flood risk management

Integrated flood risk management for people assigned technically or managerially in charge with the task of flood management and control. Without giving preference for any method, the bulletin describes the fundamental knowledge needed for flood management according to the current state-of-the art and helps selecting the most appropriate design and implementation strategy.