Proposed Addendum to Section 6 of Dam Safety Guidelines

The CDA Dam Safety Committee has been working to develop additional guidance to address the recognized difficulties in applying Section 6 of Dam Safety Guidelines (CDA 2007). This work began with a review of guidance for extreme floods. However, it has become apparent that there is a need to expand the scope to consider a broader range of hazards and system characteristics in light of the trend towards risk-informed decision making. The Dam Safety Committee has prepared a proposed Addendum to Section 6 of the Dam Safety Guidelines as a Draft for Discussion at the 2012 Annual Conference. This Draft for Discussion is posted on the Dam Safety page on this website here and will be presented at the conference.

The session will include a review of ICOLD Bulletin 154 (2011) and its implications with respect to the use of CDA Dam Safety Guidelines. This Bulletin, Dam Safety Management: Operational Phase of the Dam Life Cycle outlines a comprehensive process for addressing all aspects of dam safety over the longest phase of a dam’s life cycle. The safety management system presented in the Bulletin allows for the use of either of the deterministic or risk-informed approaches to decision-making.

The conference session will also address the need for ongoing review and revision of the CDA Dam Safety Guidelines, and alternative approaches to that significant task. Members will have the opportunity to pose questions and provide input from the different perspectives of large and small dam owners, regulators and consultants.