CDA Presents 2015 Annual Awards

CDA celebrated the achievements of one individual, one team and one corporation at its annual Awards Gala on October 6, 2015

Peter Halliday Award for Service: Allan Kirkham

Allan Kirkham is the 2015 recipient of the Peter Halliday Award, which recognizes CDA members for their valued contributions and outstanding commitment to the advancement of the Association.

Allan is one of those people who can be relied on to work behind the scenes and make a huge contribution, but not always be seen.  For example, Allan has spent almost 10 years on the Editorial Committee that oversees production of the quarterly CDA Bulletin including seven years as committee chair. In addition, Allan has served on the CDA Board of Directors, as Director-at-Large from 2011 to 2013, and then as Director for Ontario from 2013 to the present.  Allan chaired the Organizing Committee for the 2015 conference in Mississauga, and chaired the technical committee of the 2010 conference in Niagara Falls.

Corporate Award: Grand River Conservation Authority

Each year CDA recognized member organizations who have distinguished themselves for their contributions to the industry or their strong support of the Association. This year, the award was given to the Grand River Conservation Authority, Ontario.

The GCRA has been a leader in dam safety in Ontario. It owns 32 dams, primarily for flood control but also water supply, low-flow augmentation and recreation purposes. The GRCA provides permitting and water management oversight to the more than 100 dams within the Grand River watershed. The GCRA has supported its staff to be active in CDA working groups, conference planning and delivery for multiple conferences, and participating on the Board of Directors.  The GCRA has been an early adopter of some of the emerging CDA initiatives such as Public Safety Around Dams and Emergency Response and Preparedness plans.

Published Paper Awards of Excellence

Every year CDA acknowledges excellence in papers published in journals or presented at conferences. This year, a paper from the 2014 CDA Conference was identified as the top paper of the year.

Geotechnical Assessment of Alameda Dam, by Bill Chin, Joseph Quinn, Mark Pernito, and Jody Scammell, describes the geotechnical challenges, assessment methods, and results of one of the largest earthen dams in Saskatchewan