Members Approve Proposed Mission and Vision Statements

Members were advised in the November e-Bulletin that CDA had conducted its first thorough review of its Mission, Vision and Values Statement since 2003 and was seeking member input on its draft document.  The document has been available on the CDA website - see PDF that is available for download on this page.  

Members were also advised that the CDA Mission Statement is included in the current by-law, so for changes to take effect there had to be a by-law amendment.  In addition, the Vision Statement is not included in the current by-law but the Board proposed that it be added. The Values Statements are not included in the current by-laws and the Board did not propose to include them at this time.

In the on-line vote, members approved the proposed changes, with 90.5 percent in favour. The turnout was 30.3 percent of eligible voters.

Should you have any questions about the vote, please contact Don Butcher at +1 (416) 255-7076 or by email at