Are you interested in engineering history? Looking to volunteer?

The contributions that engineers make to society are often poorly understood by the general public.  As such, the present Vision Statement of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) states that one of its objectives is the promotion of awareness of the history of engineering in this country.  This activity of EIC is also part of the business of enhancing the image of engineers and recording their contributions to the nation's development over many years.
Each EIC member society has the right to have a representative on the History & Archives Committee.  CDA’s representative has retired from the committee and CDA is seeking a replacement.  For more information about EIC and this committee, please visit the EIC website.
If you are interested in the history of engineering in Canada and can devote a few hours per month to advance it, this is your opportunity!  Please contact CDA Executive Director Don Butcher at if you are interested in serving as CDA’s representative with EIC.