CDA Nominations Committee report to membership

The nomination process for 2017 has concluded with the Committee putting forward the following names of qualified candidates for confirmation by the membership at the 2017 CDA-ACB Annual General Meeting on October 16, 2017.

Vice President (three year commitment): Jean-Pierre Tournier
Secretary-Treasurer (two years): Michel Dolbec
Director-at-Large (two years): Michael Cyr
Provincial/ Territorial Directors (two years)
* Ontario: Navin Gautam
* New Brunswick: Bethanie Parker
* Alberta: Garry Bucharski
* Quebec: Martin Ferland
* Territories: Richard Trimble

STATUS – Nomination Process Complete – Ready for Presentation of Candidates at AGM

The call for nominations was made in accordance with the Bylaws (i.e. must be carried out a minimum of 105 days prior to the AGM, and remained open for a period of 30 days) through advertisement in the CDA Bulletin/ Newsletter, as well as through direct solicitation with potential candidates.

The Committee met on August 4, 2017 to review the nominations. The results were that all positions had a qualified candidate, with two nominations being put forward for the position of Director-at-Large. The Nominations Committee confirmed all candidates and nominators were ‘members in good standing’.

In keeping with our Bylaws, an election was held. The election was advertised and conducted, beginning September 1, 2017 and concluding September 30, 2017 as per the Bylaws. Simply Voting administered the voting on behalf of the CDA-ACB. The results of the election were 175 Michael Cyr, 78 Pierre Marquis; representing a turn out of 24.7% of eligible voters.

As per the CDA-ACB Bylaws, Members at the AGM will vote to accept the ratify the results of the election. If rejected, nominations for that position shall be accepted from the floor and the election held at the AGM.

Deadline for proxies at AGM extended

The deadline for receipt of proxies for voting at the 2017 Annual General Meeting has been extended.

Proxies will now be accepted to Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 at 12 noon Pacific Daylight time.

A copy of the Proxy form is available for download, below.
2017 Proxy Form (English)
(Microsoft Word Document)