ICOLD Bulletins


CDA members can now access some ICOLD Bulletins free via the ICOLD Bulletin page on CDA website.

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The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is a great source of technical information on the dam industry. CDA is the Canadian national committee of ICOLD, and CDA members have access to a great deal of ICOLD content through their CDA membership.

Some ICOLD Bulletins have already been uploaded to the CDA website, and are available here.

We're asking for members' help to populate the ICOLD Bulletins page. If there are specific ICOLD Bulletins that you want access to, request them via e-mail, with the Bulletin number and title. Or if you want to review the list of ICOLD Bulletins and want to recommend Bulletins that we should have, we'd appreciate that, too.

Access to the ICOLD Bulletins is an important benefit of membership in CDA. Please encourage your colleagues to join CDA if they are users of the Bulletins.

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