Peter Halliday Award for Service

This award recognizes CDA members for their valued contributions and outstanding commitment to the advancement of the Association. The award is offered annually to one or more members of CDA. Recipients are:


2004 - Clare Raska
2004 - El-sayed Ismail
2005 - Marion Houston
2005 - Joe Groeneveld
2006 - Yousef Hammamji          
2006 - Mona Bechai
2007 - Tony Chislett
2007 - Will Jolley
2008 - Perry Mitchelmore
2009 - Andy Zielinski 

  2010 - Johanne Bibeau
2011 - W.G. (Bill) Duncan
2011 - Alan Boom
2012 - Bob Barnes
2012 - Garth Haack
2013 - Michel Dolbec
2014 - Andy Small
2015 - Allan Kirkham 
2016 - Gilles Bourgeois
2017 - Tony Bennett
CDA paid tribute to industry leaders on October 17, 2017 in Kelowna at the annual awards gala. 

Tony Bennett - 2017
Tony began his career at Ontario Power Generation 35 years ago in the Geotechnical field eventually working his way up to Director of Dam Safety.  During this same time, Tony helped forge a close relationship between the two organizations.  The work of OPG and their staff were the basis for the work the CDA has done with respect to Public Safety Around Dams.  This work has resulted in saving lives.  A new statistic is that there are five fewer fatal incidents per year at dams in Canada since the introduction of the CDA public safety around dams.  

Tony’s involvement with CDA activities is quite extensive.  He’s been in on the planning and delivery of multiple working groups, workshops, and conferences including Toronto in 1989, Ottawa in 2003, and Niagara in 2010.  He’s served on the board as Provincial Director, and served twice as Vice President, President, and Past President.  In addition to his official titles and roles he’s held with CDA is his interest in engagement with young professionals.