Sunday, October 16th | Delta Hotel St. John’s

Implementing New Guidance on Environmental Consequence Classification for Tailings Dams

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Salon D | 8:30am – 12:00pm

$295 (includes continental breakfast)

Lee Nikl (Senior Environmental Scientist, WSP Golder)
Lindsay Robertson (Senior Environmental Geochemist, Environmental Geoscience)
Scott Davidson (Senior Principal Environmental Scientist, WSP Golder)
Grace Daly (Environmental Scientist, WSP Golder)
Julia Steele (Director – Mine Waste Canada, WSP Golder)

This workshop will showcase the newly developed Environmental Consequence Classification methodology and will work through several real-world examples that highlight the proposed science based approach to mining dam classification. Following the presentation of the examples, time will be allotted for questions with the authors and open discussion amongst the group. Participants will gain an understanding of the new Environmental Consequence Classification System and how it should be applied to mining dams. This workshop is best suited for professionals involved in the classification of mining dams and others who are interested in understanding the mining dams classification system.



Tailing Dams Transition to Tailings Stacks Workshop

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Salon B | 12:30 – 4:00pm  

Fee: $295

Andy Small (Senior Staff Consultant, Klohn Crippen Berger)
Scott Martens (Manager – Geotechnical Engineering and Geology, CNRL)

This workshop will provide an overview of the currently in development guidance as to when a tailings dam is no longer required to be considered a dam but can be considered a tailings stack. Several case studies will be highlighted to show how the guidance can be applied.  This workshop will also present the approaches that are being proposed in Alberta as part of their program to de-license a tailings dam.


Slope Stability for Tailings Dams Workshop

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Salon C | 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

$295 (includes continental breakfast)

Andy Small (Senior Staff Consultant, Klohn Crippen Berger)
Paul Ridlen (Senior Geotechnical Engineer and President., Knight Piesold)

In 2022, ICOLD is planning to release a Bulletin on Tailings Dam Safety that will include updated guidance on slope stability. This bulletin was originally an initiative of the CDA and was shifted to an ICOLD Bulletin in 2019. This workshop will provide an overview of the proposed guidance including the following topics; limit equilibrium analyses and limitations, target factors of safety and considerations for adjusting, post liquefaction analysis, residual strength, non-linear deformation analyses, performance based stability evaluation, review of contractive and dilative behaviors, drained versus undrained conditions, brittleness and cases for revising the target factor of safety.


Emergency Management for Dam Safety

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Salon EF | 8:30 am – 4:00 pm 

$495 (includes continental breakfast and lunch)

Tony Bennett (Director Dam and Public Safety, OPG)
Clare Raska (Independent Consultant, Former CDA President)
Margaret Trias (Independent Consultant, M. Trias Consulting)
Dr. Etsuko Yasui (University of Brandon)

This workshop outlines the process presented in the Technical Bulletin: Emergency Management for Dam Safety. Topics include risk assessment, maintenance of readiness, response and recovery. In addition, the workshop provides an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the dam owner and stakeholders, focusing on the importance of community engagement and the ways to promote community resilience. Tools and examples of good practices are presented for preparing and maintaining Dam Emergency Plans and inundation maps and determining activation levels for emergency response. The workshop is interactive with small group discussions and exercises that utilizes case studies to illustrate key points.


Public Safety Around Dams

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Salon C | 12:30 – 4:00 pm 

Fee: $295

Tony Bennett (Director Dam and Public Safety, OPG)
David Bonin (Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer, Hatch)
Karl Piirik (Senior Engineer, BBA Consultants)

Participants in this introductory session will develop an understanding of the public safety hazards associated with dams and their operations. Individuals with a basic understanding of dams and hydropower operations will find that this interactive training serves as an effective prerequisite to the CDA’s more comprehensive 2-day training course on Public Safety Around Dams Risk Management. Participants will learn about the elements of a model for managing public safety around dams and achieve understanding on risk management strategies, including reviewing regulatory requirements and due diligence considerations as well as reviewing physical and operational controls along with managed system inspections.


Failure Modes Discussion Group

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Salon B |  8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Fee: $295

Stephen Rigbey  (Independent Consultant, SJR Consulting)
Des Hartford (Principal Engineer – Dam Safety Management, BC Hydro)
Holly Hampton (Senior Manager – Technology & Dam Safety, OPG)
Lucy Philip (Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Stantec)

In 2020, the CDA Dam Safety Committee formed a working group to develop specific guidance on failure mode analysis. A two-part Technical Bulletin is now in development. The Bulletin has adopted a combination of a structured, systematic process as found in Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and brainstorming as used in Potential Failure Modes Analysis (PFMA). A number of tools are also recommended such as functional diagrams, information tables and a hazards and failure modes matrix. This workshop will cover the approach as recommended in the draft Technical Bulletin. A number of examples will be presented to ensure there is a full understanding of the definitions of the various terms. Functional diagrams and information tables will also be developed, as well as hierarchical failure mechanisms for both mining and hydro dams.


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