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Long Harbour Technical Tour

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Excursion Around the Bay – Local Dam Tour

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Long Harbour Technical Tour 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Long Harbour Tech Tour Fee

  $200.00 +tax

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Vale Long Harbour Operations is a unique facility directly processing a nickel sulphide concentrate using a hydrometallurgical process to produce high purity nickel, cobalt, and copper products. 

The full day technical tour and presentation will be presented by senior tailings/ dam management staff from the Vale Long Harbour facility. Topics such as tailings deposition, Tailings and Dam Management System, water retention dam and concrete spillway operations, site specific improvement opportunities and key projects will be discussed.
Lunch will be included. After lunch we will head up to the Long Harbour facility to tour both the tailings storage dam (RSA) and the process water control earth fill dam, concrete spillway and wooden fishway (RBBP dam).

There will be an opportunity to experience some local food and beverages; with a stop to the Dildo Brewery for appetizers and drinks before heading back to St. John's.  

Start Time



Check in and roll call – Delta Hotel lobby


Bus from St. John’s to Long Harbour Community Centre


Security briefing (go over EAA, security info, first aid kit locations, etc..)


Technical Presentation presented by Vale (including Q&A)


Lunch Break


Travel from the community centre to the Vale Residue Storage Area on site


Tour of Residue Storage Area (including Q&A)


Travel to Rattling Brook Big Pond Structure


Tour of Rattling Brook Big Pond Structure (including Q&A)


Travel back to security gate to sign out


Travel to Dildo Brewery


Dildo Brewery for Appetizers and Drinks


Drive back to St. John’s – arriving 5:45pm

PPE Required (Registrants Responsible to Bring PPE) - Steel toe boots, reflective safety vest, hard hat, safety glasses, safety gloves, and non-medical mask Reminder to dress for the weather (it will be very windy at site, please bring suitable clothing in case of cold and rainy weather) Please advise of any dietary restrictions or allergies and mobility concerns during registration (you will be seated on a bus for approximately 1.5 hours each way). Please note there is no photography allowed at Vale.


Excursion Around the Bay – Local Dam Tour

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9:00am - Depart Delta hotel and Visit Cape Spear
10:00am - Depart Cape Spear 
10:30 am to 12:00 pm - Petty Harbour Plant Tour*
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm - Lunch at Chafes Landing
1:30 pm to 2:00pm - Free time to visit Petty Harbour
2:00pm - Depart Petty Harbour 
2:30 pm - Return to Hotel


Excursion Around the Bay – Local Dam Tour

  $150 +tax (Half Day)

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*The Petty Harbour plant is located on the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula in the community of Petty Harbour.  The original development, constructed in 1900, has undergone various changes and presently has an installed capacity of 5,250 kW under a net head of approximately 57.9 m.  There are three horizontal Francis turbines and generators in the plant, all commissioned between 1907 and 1927.