September 29, 2023

2023-09-29 12:00 PM 2023-09-29 01:30 PM Le RDV Franco - Réfection de la passe migratoire au barrage du lac Huit Mille N.A. America/New_York
12pm to 1pm ET

Presented in French 

The project to refurbish the fish ladder at Lac Huit Mille is part of an environmental compensation project. The fish ladder is located within the dam, which was built to maintain the level of Lac Huit Mille for resort/recreational tourism purposes. Before the work was carried out, the fish ladder was no longer suitable, since seasonal flows were very variable, or even too low during low-water periods. The excessive slope of the fish ladder generated speeds and turbulence in the basins which were detrimental to the passage of the fish. During this RDV Franco, there will be a brief presentation of the context of the project and the technical challenges encountered. The repairs will also be presented in pictures.


Alexandre Audet-Bouchard

Alexandre Audet-Bouchard joined WSP’s Energy team in 2017. He actively works in different phases of engineering projects, from feasibility studies to detailed engineering. He is also involved in construction works surveillance, geotechnical investigations, and inspections of dams. His contribution to his team involves project management and technical analyzes for the design of embankment dams and stabilization of river banks.



Pierre-Étienne Schneegans

A graduate from the National School of Water and Environmental Engineering in Strasbourg, France, Pierre-Étienne Schneegans is a versatile engineer who works in different fields of rivers and aquatic environments development. He was in charge of the development of river hydraulic activities for a renowned French engineering consulting firm, which involved river hydraulic modeling studies, river restoration projects, and various expertise related to hydraulic structures (dikes and dams). Pierre-Étienne joined WSP in 2019 and has more than twenty years of experience acquired through expert studies, diagnostics and design of hydraulic structures, to carry out complete engineering mandates for river developments: structures in rivers, dams, dikes, watercourse restoration and fish habitat compensation projects.


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