Featuring the Future Webinar: Revegetation and Dams

March 22, 2023

2023-03-22 12:00 PM 2023-03-22 01:00 PM Le futur en vedette : reverdissement et barrages N.A. America/New_York

Meet the Next Generation of Dam Professionals!

Micah May, 2022 CDA Scholarship recipient, will present a webinar on the revegetation of the Williston Hydroelectric Reservoir in northern BC to mitigate fugitive dust emissions.

In October 2022, Micah May, M.Sc. candidate at the University of Victoria, received the good news: CDA was awarding his research work with the 2022 CDA Student Award of Merit Scholarship. It’s now time for Micah to present his student research work during a webinar on:

March 22, 2023
12-1 pm ET

His research on the Williston Reservoir, located in Northern BC, aims to produce publications and resources that can help address reservoir shoreline erosion across BC, as well as nationally, and internationally. This research is supervised by Dr. Nancy Shackelford and focuses on determining the optimal methods of providing erosion control in reservoir drawdown zones through revegetation.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to:


Aerial image of the Williston drawdown zone taken in May 2022 looking North from Lafferty Creek. This image shows the extent of drawdown zone exposure during the spring months prior to reservoir recharge.

An image of a seeded portion of the Williston drawdown zone taken in late June 2022 looking West from Middle Creek. This portion of the drawdown zone was seeded with fall rye and oats in early May as part of dust mitigation efforts. An irrigation system also used for dust control can be seen operating in the background as well.

After this webinar, you will:

This webinar is intended for dam professionals and university students pursuing or with an interest in environmental impact studies related to dams.

The information presented in this webinar is not endorsed as CDA guidance.

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This webinar will be presented by Micah May and his supervisor Dr. Nancy Shackelford from the University of Victoria collaboratively with Tsay Keh Dene Nation and BC Hydro. The presenters will share their experiences from an investigation on how vegetation can be used to mitigate reservoir shoreline dust emissions. 

biopicMicah May, B.Sc, University of Victoria   

Micah May is a M.Sc. candidate at the University of Victoria interested in ecological restoration. His background is in environmental science and biology, with a B.Sc. from the University of Northern BC and work position as an environmental consultant. He is interested in investigating how the principles of ecological restoration can help us tackle environmental degradation, including in novel ecosystemsHe has a passion for working on challenging environmental issues, particularly those in remote locations, combining technical field work with data analysis and community engagement. 


biopicNancy Shackelford, PhD, Academic Director, University of Victoria

Nancy Shackelford is an Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental Studies and the Academic Director of the Restoration of Natural Systems Program at the University of Victoria. Born and raised in west Texas, in traditional Jumano and Apache territory, she has been an uninvited guest in the Indigenous traditional and unceded territories around Victoria for eight years. Her experience with restoration is diverse, from the scrubby woodlands of Texas, to the grasslands of Colorado, to the amazing cedar and fir forests on our local coastline. She has a deep, abiding, unshakeable love for data, knowledge, and leveraging our shared work to continually enhance restoration outcomes. She gravitates towards terrestrial restoration in experimental and observational science, but is continually expanding her integration of the social, human sides of restoration.