Life Members

Life membership may be granted to current or former CDA members whose lifetime of dedication and achievement has contributed significantly to the dam industry in Canada. The CDA Honours and Awards Committee recommends individual(s) to the Board for receiving Life Membership. Generally, recipients will have retired from active work (beyond occasional individual consulting) and will have been active members of the CDA or its predecessor associations for at least 10 years. Life Membership includes complimentary membership in CDA.

Life Membership Application Form

Meet Tim Little, P.Eng., 2021 recipient:

Tim has contributed to the development of seismic hazard guidelines for both CDA and ICOLD. He shared his knowledge with the industry through numerous papers and presentations. He has been a member of the CDA Seismic Working Group, and a Member of the Canadian National Committee on Earthquake Engineering (CANCEE). Tim has been a longstanding member of CDA, and we thank him for his support of CDA throughout the years.

Meet Stephen Rigbey, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., 2021 recipient:

Stephen left BC Hydro in 2018 and continues  to act as a consultant. As a member of the CDA Dam Safety Committee, he worked on the 2013 review and updating of the Dam Safety Guidelines. He currently spends his effort on sections of the guidelines to better represent systems engineering and tolerability of risk. Stephen was also the CDA 2017 Inge Anderson Award recipient.

Meet Michael Thompson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.2021 recipient:

As a long time active member of the CDA, Mike has consistently advocated for adoption of the CDA guidelines on his projects. He remains an excellent, practical engineer, well respected in his field, and dedicated to the safe
development of water resource projects, both here in Canada and internationally. He is a true role model for many young professionals, a teacher, and a mentor for many in the dam engineering and water resources fields of practice.

The previous honourees are:

  • Inge Anderson
  • Bob Barnes
  • Mona Bechai
  • Leo Christl
  • Bill Duncan
  • Richard Gervais   
  • Phillip Gilks
  • Jim Gordon
  • Christian Guillaud
  • Garth Haack
  • Yousef Hammamji   
  • Charles Holder
  • Marion Houston
  • Barry Hurndall
  • Sayed Ismail    
  • Will Jolley
  • Allan Kirkham
  • Pius Ko
  • Guy S. Larocque       
  • Denis LeBoeuf     
  • Tim Little
  • Norbert R. Morgenstern 
  • John Morrison   
  • Huu Phong Nguyen
  • Jean-Jacques Paré
  • Garry Poole
  • Marty Puro
  • Clare Raska
  • Anthony (Tony) Rattue
  • Stephen Rigbey
  • Gordon Schellenberg
  • Grant Smith
  • Ray Stewart
  • Mai Phat Tai
  • James Tang
  • Tony Tawil
  • Michael Thompson
  • Gérard Verzeni
  • Don Welch
  • Andy Zielinski