Inge Anderson Award of Merit

This award recognizes CDA members who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and practices related to dams in Canada. Since 2021, the award is offered every year to a member of CDA. The Inge Anderson Award of Merit is CDAs’ highest award and it honours the memory of Inge H. Anderson, P.Eng..

Meet Richard Donnelly, 2021 recipient:

With over 40 years of experience, Richard is Principal Consultant at Hatch for dams and hydroelectric facilities, underground structures, and rock/overburden excavations. His extensive experience covered the world several times.

Richard is a recognized leader in the field of dam safety. Among many other important tasks, he has served on CDA committees for the 2007 update of the Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines. He has received six national consulting engineering awards for his work on dam safety. He was awarded a Medal of Excellence in Engineering with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. In 2018, he received the R.R. Dodokin Award from the Ontario Waterpower Association for his contributions to dam safety in Ontario. He has published over 100 technical papers and has received several awards for these articles. After so many years of applying his engineering prowess, skillsets and experience, Rick Donnelly continues to advance knowledge and the practice of dam engineering and dam safety in Canada and abroad.

The previous recipients are:

  • 1993 - Inge Anderson
  • 1995 - Gary Salmon
  • 1997 - Barry Hurndall
  • 1999 - Guy Laroque
  • 2001 - Tony Tawil
  • 2004 - Ray Stewart
  • 2006 - Gaétan Guertin
  • 2008 - Desmond N.D. Hartford
  • 2010 - Gerard Verzeni
  • 2012 - A.R. (Tony) Bennett
  • 2014 - Jean-Pierre Tournier
  • 2016 - Stephen Rigbey
  • 2018 - Norbert (Nordie) Morgenstern
  • 2020 - Edward (Ed) C. McRoberts
  • 2021 - Richard Donnelly

Inge Anderson Award - Nomination Form

Who was Inge Anderson, P.Eng.?

The Inge Anderson Award of Merit is CDAs’ highest award. It honours Inge H. Anderson, an engineer who was instrumental in creating the foundation for CDA. Fittingly, he was the recipient when it was first awarded in 1993. Inge graduated in Civil Engineering with distinction in 1957 from the University of Alberta.  He also took post graduate courses in hydrology, soil mechanics and highway engineering. From 1956 to 1988, Inge worked for the Alberta Government, first on design and construction and then on dam safety. As the Director of the Design and Construction Division, Inge spearheaded dam safety legislation for Alberta and the formation of the Dam Safety Branch. That branch managed safety for the dams owned by the province, as well as regulating about 1400 dams.

After retiring from government, Inge was the Manager of Mine Development for Suncor overseeing their massive tailing dams, and then brought his experience to consulting, specializing in dam design and safety. Inge was passionate about creating a forum where all interested Canadians could share knowledge about dam safety. He was the first President of the Canadian Dam Safety Association (CDSA) and was the moving force in the development of national dam safety guidelines. The guidelines were of interest not just in Canada but internationally; Inge was part of a team presenting workshops in India, Malaysia and Central America.  When CDSA merged with CANCOLD to form CDA, Inge was fittingly its first President and the Chair of the Guidelines Committee.  Inge also presented numerous technical papers, conducted workshops and guest lectured at universities across Canada.

The name Inge Anderson is synonymous with the CDA and the development of guidelines of engineering practice for the safe management of dams. In 2008, the Engineering Institute of Canada inducted Inge as a Fellow, in recognition of his exceptional contribution to the engineering profession in Canada.


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