Corporate Award

The CDA Corporate Award recognizes organizations whose contributions to the dam industry merit recognition. Up to two awards are offered annually. The award may be based on various criteria, including but not limited to:


Meet, WSP Golder, 2022 recipient

WSP Golder is a global leader in the Earth and Environment sector. Globally headquartered in Montreal, where it all began, the company proudly serves communities from coast to coast and beyond. With over 14,000 multidisciplinary professionals worldwide collaborating daily to protect and conserve natural landscapes, WSP Golder creates firm foundations for communities to stand on, and champions sustainable development to combat climate change. 
WSP Golder’s experience runs from traditional power generation technologies, through to emerging renewable technologies and their associated systems. The company offers services in the power generation and distribution of energy from water, sun, wind, biomass, soil, compost, waste, and various types of surplus energy. Their water and hydropower specialists understand the connection between power and water, and are able to provide solutions specific to the needs of the power industry. 

The previous recipients are: 

2011 - Ontario Power Generation (for Innovation and Leadership) 2016 - Parks Canada
2011 - Hydro Quebec (for International Co-operation) 2017 - Klohn Crippen Berger
2011 - BC Hydro (for Advancing State of Practice) 2018 - Hydro Quebec
2012 - Saskatchewan Watershed Authority 2019 - Alberta Environment and Parks
2012 - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 2020 - Manitoba Hydro
2013 - Hatch 2020 - Teck Resources Ltd.
2013 - Meco 2021 - Suncor Energy Inc.
2014 - Worthington Products 2022 - WSP Golder
2015 - Grand River Conservation Authority  

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