Constructed Project Award of Excellence

Year 2022 was the inaugural award, on the occasion of the CDA celebrating 25 years.

The Constructed Project Award of Excellence recognizes teams that have made significant contributions to the dam industry in Canada and to society through the design, construction, remediation, upgrading, decommissioning, reclamation, and/or closure of dams. One award is offered annually to a team fulfilling the following eligibility criteria: 

To apply for the Constructed Project Award of Excellence or to nominate a team,  please complete the nomination form below.

Meet, SNC Lavalin Inc. Muskrat Falls Lower Churchill Development Project Team, the 2022 recipient:

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro’s Lower Churchill Development includes two potential hydroelectric sites on the Churchill River and their associated transmission systems: Gull Island Hydroelectric Development, located 225 km downstream of the existing Churchill Falls Generating Station, and Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Development, located 60 km further downstream, which was completed in late 2021 and is delivering clean, renewable, long-term power throughout the Northeastern region of North America. 
The management of the project was Lower Churchill Management Company (LCMC). LCMC and SNC-Lavalin formed an integrated team, which has greatly facilitated communication between the parties and contributed to the project's success. SNC-Lavalin's mandate included engineering design of the project and engineering support during construction to ensure that the design intent was met, and the integrity of the design was maintained. The support tasks included a review of all contractor document submittals, design changes during construction to address changed conditions, and support during commissioning.

Constructed Project Award of Excellence - Nomination Form