AGM ratifies 2015 Election of Directors

Tony Bennett of Ontario Power Generation has returned as President of the Canadian Dam Association following the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

His term as President having expired, Gilles Bourgeois of WSP Group is now serving as past president. Chad LePoudre of SNC-Lavalin is the new Vice President, and will move on to become President in future years. The position of Secretary-Treasurer is vacant at this time.

The position of President was elected in 2014, when Tony Bennett was elected as Vice President to serve a three-year term (as Vice President for the first year, President for the second year and Past President for the third year).

The membership at the 2015 Annual General Meeting also ratified the election results as previously reported:
• Director from New Brunswick and PEI: Michael Cyr
• Director from Québec: Martin Ferland
• Director from Ontario: Allan Kirkham
• Director from Alberta: Javid Iqbal
• Director from the Territories: Richard Trimble
• Director-at-Large: Andy Small

No nominations were received for the position of Secretary Treasurer. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and the by-law, the Board of Directors will appoint an Acting Secretary Treasurer.

Section 5.05.08 of the by-law states:

“Members at the annual meeting of members shall, by ordinary resolution, vote on the acceptance of the election result for each of the positions. If any of the election results are rejected, nominations for that position shall be accepted from the floor, and the election shall be held at the same meeting of members.”