Two CDA members to be inducted in 2021 as EIC Fellows

The Canadian Dam Association (CDA) is a proud member organization of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC). The EIC was founded in 1887, and its primary mission is to recognize outstanding engineers from amongst the members of its constituent societies by awarding senior medals and inducting Fellows at an annual Awards Gala. Additionally, the EIC is to assure the quality of lifelong learning programs by authorizing learning providers to issue continuing education credits (CEUs) to engineering professionals and preserve engineering history and archives.

Two outstanding engineers and members of CDA will be inducted as 2021 EIC Fellows for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. These 2021 awards will be presented along with 2020 awards at the next EIC Gala/ Banquet which, due to ongoing pandemic circumstances, will be held in Gatineau/Ottawa in the Spring of 2022.

Angela A. G. Kupper, Ph.D, P.Eng

Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Director

BGC Engineering, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr. Kupper’s distinguished career of over 40 years in the geotechnical engineering practice has included a variety of projects, but mainly in the dam engineering related to water resources and mining industries, for water retaining dams and tailings dams. Projects ranged from design and construction to rehabilitation and upgrade projects throughout the world, including complex geological and construction conditions. She has also participated on several review boards, including selection as one of the expert panelists to support the development of the recently released “Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management” (GISTM) from 2019 to 2020. The GISTM strives to achieve the ultimate goal of zero harm to people and the environment and aims to prevent catastrophic failure and enhance the safety of mine tailings facilities across the globe. It embodies a step- change in terms of transparency, accountability and stewardship of such facilities, with major positive impacts on the industry for decades to come.

Dr. Kupper has been a member of Independent Review Boards and/or Independent Reviewer for 11 dams or mine tailings facilities in Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Madagascar. Among other achievements, she was the lead design engineer and/or Engineer-of-Record for dams in the Canadian oil sands, Canadian diamond mining, and Brazil gold mining industries. Angela was the Head of the Data Analysis and Assessment group that carried out complex, detailed analysis of the original design, new geotechnical and geophysical field investigation, laboratory testing and instrumentation data as well as numerical analysis, thermo-analysis, seepage analysis, and remediation work for the W.A.C. Bennett Dam in British Columbia in the mid 90s. 

Dr. Kupper holds a B.Sc., Civil Engineering, from the University of São Paulo, Escola Politécnica, Brazil, an M.Sc in Geotechnical Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a Ph.D in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada, obtained in 1991.

Dr. Kupper is also the recipient of the Alberta Innovation Award from AB Government (2013), the Stanley Thompson Award from the Geotechnical Society of Edmonton, AB (2010), the R.M. Quigley Award from the Canadian Geotechnical Society (2001), and the Best Published Paper Award from the Canadian Dam Association (2001).

The CDA is extremely proud of Dr. Angela Kupper for her induction as an EIC Fellow! Well done Angela!



Andy Small, M.Sc, P.Eng

Senior Geotechnical Engineer,

Klohn Crippen Berger, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Mr. Small is a geotechnical engineering specialist with over 30 years of experience in dam safety and design for mining clients. His extensive resume includes mine closure, mine water, and mine waste planning activities and his long list of technical skills include: dam design, dam safety reviews, construction planning, risk assessment, decision analysis, and project review. He has also been Engineer of Record (EoR) for many sites across Canada.

Mr. Small has been an active member of the CDA for over 16 years and has served four twoyear terms on the CDA Board of Directors. Starting in 2007, he helped found and chaired the CDA committee that has driven the development of the technical guidance for mining dams that was issued in October 2014. Among other numerous contributions, Andy has been a tireless volunteer in the CDA, providing technical support and advice on numerous other subcommittees and publications, including the Mining Dams Committee.

In his professional career, Andy has also been instrumental in development of the sound application of structured risk assessment processes to assist clients in management and mitigation of risks associated with tailings dams. This experience has been extended, in recent years, to structured decision analysis which helps clients in selecting the optimum site/method for tailings disposal. Andy has published numerous papers based on his enthusiasm for dam safety, risk assessment and decision analysis. He has also applied that knowledge to assist regulators with development of their governance related to tailings. Andy was Lead Author of the Dam Safety Guidelines, published in 2018 and issued by governments of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Mr. Small holds a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He has also received the Peter Halliday Award for Service from the CDA in 2014.

CDA is very proud of Mr. Andy Small for this induction as an EIC Fellow! Well done Andy


Additional long standing CDA supporters to be recognized by EIC in 2021

The CDA would also like to offer its congratulations to the following past or current supporters of the CDA who were honored by the EIC, all three nominations submitted by the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS):

  • Dr. Dennis Becker, FEIC, FCAE, FCSME, Principal with Golder Associates in Calgary, AB, was awarded the 2021 Sir John Kennedy Medal “for outstanding service to the profession or noteworthy contributions to the science of engineering”;
  • Dr. Jean Côté, FEIC, ing., Professor at Laval University, in Quebec, QC, was awarded the 2021 CPR Engineering Medal “for leadership and distinguished service at the regional/local level”;
  • Dr. Heinrich Heinz, P.Eng, Sr. Geotechnical Engineer with Thurber Engineering in Calgary, AB, who will be inducted as a 2021 EIC Fellow “ for exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada”.

The CDA sincerely congratulates our colleagues and supporters for their exceptional service and contributions to the profession. Well done!