Annual election to CDA Board of Directors
now open


The election of the CDA Board of Directors began Aug. 31 and runs for 30 days. Under the CDA bylaw, all members have the right to vote for all directors when a vote is being held.

Of the eight vacant positions on the Board this year, seven were filled by acclamation. There are two candidates running for the position of Director-at-Large, so an election is being held.

In accordance with election rules approved by the Board of Directors, the election is being held by online balloting. Eligible voters have been sent voting instructions.

Candidates for the position of Director-at-Large are Michael Cyr and Pierre Marquis. Their statements of interest are posted on this webpage.

Filled by acclamation were the positions of: Vice President, Jean-Pierre Tournier; Secretary-Treasurer Michel Dolbec; Alberta Director, Garry Bucharski; Ontario Director, Navin Gautam; Quebec Director, Martin Ferland; New Brunswick Director, Bethanie Parker; Director from the Territories, Richard Trimble.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this election, please contact the chair of the nominations committee, Tony Bennett, at or Executive Director Don Butcher,, 416-255-7076.

Candidates Statements

Michael Cyr
(Adobe PDF File)
Pierre Marquis
(Adobe PDF File)